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Jenny 的新文章: “ 反面教材第二課:RSS Feed”. 原來她也成為Bloglines 的用家了.
其中, 她提到: “個別Blogspot 的blogs’ feeds 時好時壞”.
時好時壞, 又豈止是Blogspot 的呢. 我有兩個对牛乱弹琴 | Playin’ with IT的rss feed, 但兩個feed 在bloglines 都看不到更新, 氣死我……
都不知是否donews 的問題, 因為另一個donews 的Blog: “Sunwd’s Blog | 网络,科技,音乐,生活” , 在Bloglines 的更新又很是正常.

轉入正題, 其實我是想說說Blogspot 的.
除了“個別Blogspot 的blogs’ feeds 時好時壞”外,
其實很多Blogspot 用家根本沒有做site feed的設定.

各位Blogspot 用家 (例如萬力) ,
請改改你們的site feed settings, 開啟你們的Atom syndication吧! (甚麼是Atom? )
login Dashboard=>Change Settings=>Settings=>site feed=>Publish Site Feed, 選“yes”
這樣, 你們的blogspot, 就會多了一個 Feed URL, 例如 tungpo 的, 就是:
只要將這個Feed URL加到Bloglines, 就可以用rss 訂閱 tungpo 的blog了.



10 thoughts on “Blogspot 的site feed settings

  1. Manic, 搭爹? 而家叫你做o野呀!!! :p
    咪答o左你囉, 開番個atom feed, 人o地就可以透過rss reader 訂閱你的blog, 予人方便, 何樂而不為???

  2. Writing this in Malaysia. I am also using bloglines to access this site and the only one that I can see the comment field in bloglines is from sidekick.
    Seeing Tungpo helped me to take a new Chinese name. Thank you! I don’t know why, guys are just liked to name this Chinese name after they know my English name. This time is not the first time already.
    And here, I suspicious I will get “wang xiang zheng” after I back…as the system that I am testing now is…..having so so many many problems 😈

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