6 thoughts on “外婆壽宴

  1. Marky, 你兜友仔, 果然口沒遮欄… 篇文係”外婆壽宴”, 你咁樣reply 唔得o架, 老實唔係大晒, 明唔明?
    (因為, 你可以揀唔reply o架嘛~~)
    快d 幫我lur 口水講過~ :wink

    Marky, 我越想越不妥, 所以刪了你那四個字, 對不起~
    因為我覺得那是對老人家的不敬, 外婆年紀很大了, 生日流流, 如因我緣故, 有人講了對她不利的說話, 是我的錯~
    又, 小朋友亦沒做錯事, 被人這樣形容, 對小朋友亦不公道~

    Marky, 反事都可說, 但不都有益處~~

  2. 🙁 sorry
    I didn’t mean to, and I didn’t notice the topic :(…
    I was looking @ her eyes :(… and it’s kinda, you know what I mean…
    😮 well, I didn’t mean that’s anyone’s fault, just what the picture makes me feel…
    I apologize for what I’ve said… 🙂
    the girl is cute, just a wrong moment.
    and well, It just … I didn’t mean anything to your grandmother, cuz I didnt notice the topic 🙁
    :cry::cry: forgive me please

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